In my time working at Field, I worked closely with the local FE provider, The Sheffield College. Liaising closely with the marketing team at the college I designed a huge range of different items for different media. Everything from large prospectus print runs, sub-identities and social media graphics, including everything in between!

Three of the prospectuses/guides all aimed at slightly different ages of student- Apprentices (left), prospective HE students (centre) and school leavers (right) 

School leavers' guide 2019/2020 inner pages

School leavers' guide 2019/2020 inner pages

HE guide 2019/2020 cover details

A series of posters enforcing good habits in students of the college

Large-scale wall graphics for Student Central- a place to enquire about extra curricular activities in the college

Sheffield SuperTram graphics

Apparel for staff/students

Sub-brands such as the Fresher's Fair, which was overhauled and updated yearly

Special occasion print- Student Celebration Awards 2019